“The Floyd” is a tribute to the sounds, sights and emotions of one of the greatest rock & roll bands in history; Pink Floyd! “The Floyd” will take you on a musical journey that spans nearly two decades of Pink Floyd history, recreating many of the greatest moments from; Meddle, The Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

“The Floyd” is a 2 hour, family friendly, multi-media, rock & roll concert event that captivates all the senses! Some of the area’s best musicians, engineers and technicians have teamed up to deliver an unforgettable Pink Floyd experience!   Members of The Floyd have played over 100 shows over a span of 11 years honoring The Music of Pink Floyd including the following notable venues, among others:

Montbleu Theater, South Lake Tahoe, CA
The Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA
The El Rey Theater, Chico, CA
The State Theater, Auburn, CA
The Knitting Factory Concert House, Reno, NV
The Cascade Theater, Redding, CA
Cargo Concert Hall at Whitney Peak Hotel, Reno, NV
The Crystal Bay Club (North Shore Lake Tahoe), Crystal Bay, NV
The Brewery Arts Center Theater, Carson City, NV
The Miner's Foundry, Nevada City, CA
Harrah's Hotel and Casino, Reno, NV
The Club Underground, Reno, NV
Bodega, Reno, NV


Curt Mitchell – Guitars, Vocals, Bass
After playing with legendary Reno rock bands “Somebody’s Kids” and “Razor Maid”, Curt Mitchell was one of the founding members of the hard rock band “Bangalore Choir”. Their debut album was produced by Max Norman (Ozzy Osborne, Megadeath), and featured songs co written by Jon Bon Jovi and Aldo Nova. The album “Cadence” was released in 2010 through the German label “AOR Heaven”, and the latest Bangalore Choir album "Metaphor" was released in April 2012.Curt has sold over 1 million copies of various “Learn to play guitar in the style of…” videos marketed by “Learn to Burn” and “MVP” videos over the past 20 years and has been teaching guitar in the Carson City area for over 7 years.

Rob Lawrence – Keyboards
Starting with Piano lessons at age 5, and encouraged by a family full of musicians, music has always been Rob’s way to connect with the world.  He Majored in Cello at San Francisco State University, and is also proficient on Guitar and Bass.  Inspired by his first LP purchase ever... of Dark Side Of The Moon in 1973, and an amazing life changing epiphany at a Winterland SF 1977 Concert of Genesis, there was no question of his career choice. Rob has toured the West extensively as a Keyboard Player and today is blessed to wear several hats:  Songwriter, Producer and Recording Engineer at his own studio, Humblebee Records in Reno, as well as holding the position of Music Director at Holy Cross Catholic Community in Sparks, Nevada.

Dean Rossi – Drums, Percussion
Drumming chose Dean at a young age. His passion to play has taken him on an incredible journey for over 35 years. He started out playing the drum s with his brother in grade-school bands. The bands later found him playing many styles on regional tours while in college. Around that time he began to teach drumming professionally. Today Dean is an advocate for drumming of all types including West African styles and drumming for community and personal wellness. He is the founding host of the Reno-Tahoe drum circle which has been ongoing in Northern Nevada for six years. Dean says, “Playing Pink Floyd is an incredible experience.  It brings me back to the way it made me feel when I first heard the magic of their music. My goal is to do the same for our audiencesPlaying and working with the incredibly talented musicians and technicians in The Floyd tribute is a dream come true”

Vince Gates – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Vince has been in the Northern Nevada music scene since the mid 1980s. Owner of “Play Your Own Music” in Carson City, Vince continues to support the local music scene daily. In 2008, he was named one of Reno's top 101 "The List: 101 who mattered", ("some of the many people who’ve had a major influence on the musical world of Northern Nevada") Vince’s passion for Pink Floyd started early in life. As a young guitar player, he studied David Gilmour’s licks and technique into the early morning. As an adult, he has come to appreciate the significance of the diverse socio-political message of Pink Floyd.

Lisa McCuiston – Vocals, Guitar
Lisa has been a vocalist in Reno for more than fifteen years. Our friend and local sound engineer and respected producer Tom Gordon has enlisted Lisa in a number of recording and live performances that rounded out her vocal style; from rock, blues, country, pop and even demos. She also was given an opportunity to sing in front of the Reno Philharmonic at the Pioneer Theater. She was the lead vocalist of BlueStone and worked with another great local area female rocker/singer and musician, Gia Torcaso. They were invited by Rocker Girl Magazine of Seattle to play for their national convention when only 250 female fronted bands, out of 15,000 from all over the world, were chosen. Lisa and Gia later formed their own rock band, Dirty Pretty. After going back to school, and three years of resting, she was ready to come back to live performance, finding The Floyd a perfect opportunity to display her musical passion.

Jeff Laakso – Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone and Guitar
Jeff is our newest full time band member .   Vince Gates has been well aware of Jeff's qualifications for a very long time, and saw Jeff as a perfect fit to fill the shoes of outgoing Sax Player, Joel Edwards, who has been with us since the beginning.  Jeff will bring his many musical talents to the band, versatile on Keyboards and Guitar, as well as with his primary contribution on Saxophone.

 c h e c k   o ut   s o m e   i m a g e s   
f r o m   o u r   p a s t 
Rob, Vince and Dean at The Knitting Factory, Reno, NV  2012

The floyd at the brewery arts center    carson city   nevada   february 16th 2013

The Floyd at The Brewery Arts Center, Carson City, NV  June 13th and 14th, 2014

2015 CONCERTs retrospective

“Nevada & Placer County Entertainer” April 2015 Edition
Original PDF copy found at


By Paul Cambra 

"So you thought you might like to go to the show. To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow. "

The Floyd is happy to oblige. 

“We are very meticulous; we play exactly what the players do,” said Rob Lawrence, keyboardist and founder member of the Carson City-based Pink Floyd tribute band. “It’s like any other kind of impersonation. I don’t play like myself. We are trying to bring back the theatrical experience of what it was like to see Pink Floyd. For us, it’s a serious, serious hobby.” 

Lawrence, 59, bought his first Pink Floyd album in 1973, the unequivocal classic, “The Dark Side of the Moon.” 

“In those days it was common to put on Dark Side, smoke a joint and space out,” he said. 

And even if you weren’t of the age to “space out,” you could still appreciate the progressive, psychedelic, sonically experimental music of the English band. 

“I was in the fifth grade, maybe even fourth,” said Dean Rossi, 48. “It was very formative stuff for me. I was a kid with head phones and a bean bag chair who found a wonderful new way to escape reality.” 

There’s no escaping the fact that Pink Floyd is as iconic as rock bands go, with a dedicated, passionate fan base that spans generations. Rossi, who plays drums for The Floyd, is well aware of his responsibility. “It’s been pretty much an amazing opportunity to be able to serve this music properly,” Rossi said. “Being a good performer is putting out a sense of gratuity to your band mates and more importantly to your audience. The music becomes my own experience. It’s amazing and uplifting. To basically present and spread the music of Pink Floyd, it’s a dream come true.” 

‘Did they tell you the name of the game boys?’ 

Rossi and Lawrence are joined by singer and bass player Vincent Gates, guitarist Curt Mitchell, singer Lisa McCuiston and, occasionally, saxophone player Joel Edwards. McCuiston was recruited to sing “Great Gig in the Sky” and stuck around because she can also play guitar and bass. 

“Lucky for us Lisa is an incredible singer,” Gates said. “She was a real good find and a real good fit for this group.” 

Good because Gates, 44, likes to strap on a guitar now and then and resurrect some of the Da- vid Gilmour riffs he honed as a 12-year-old. And on most Pink Floyd songs, there is no shortage of guitar parts, something that works well in the studio but can present quite a challenge in live performances. 

“Any given song, if you listen closely, you hear five or six guitars at one time, all played by the same person,” Gates said. “It’s a challenge to take the players you have and pick the parts that are most important. Sometimes we flip flop in between one part and another to get it all in. We use sound effects but we don’t play tracks. We’d rather be a live rock band than be a Vegas show.” 

‘You bought a guitar to punish your Mom’ 

Manning the lion’s share of guitar duties is Curt Mitchell. He even sings the lead on “Young Lust.” 

“That’s the song where we cut him loose,” Gates said. “He plays guitar as good as the great masters of fast shredding guitar and it’s been a challenge for him to slow down and play Gilmour. Gilmour had a touch and a feel; that’s his claim to fame. He was never a fast player but an incredibly soulful one. Curt is certainly soulful but he’s used to playing 1,000 notes a minute.” 

Rossi is also aware of the nuances that go with replicating a legend. 

“Nick Mason is about a feel, the way he plays the drums,” Rossi said. “His drumming is relatively simple, but what makes it different and beautiful at the same time is its simplicity.” 

Adding to the authenticity of their homage is the fact that they try to stick to the same gear that was available when Pink Floyd were recording these songs. 

“A lot of the gear that we use is vintage because of the sound,” Lawrence said. “I use an original Fender Rhodes piano to emulate the sound on the records. It’s not always effectively done pushing a button on any keyboard. You have to finesse it.” 

Come on you raver, you seer of visions’ 

No Pink Floyd show, tribute or otherwise, would be complete without the visuals, and The Floyd does not disappoint. Drummer Rossi has a back- ground in technology so he does double duty when it comes to show time. “I am that guy in the band,” he said. “I have a band of musicians I play with and a band of technicians I direct. We carry three or four, depending on the type of venue. A laserist, a lighting director, a sound man and occasionally a projectionist and/or a stage manager.”

Three of those will be coming to Auburn, with Rossi handling the projectionist role, as he often does, from behind the drum kit. 

“On our website, we put our tech crew on the same level as the musicians,” he said. “We are proud of that. They do so much work. They are the first ones in and the last ones out. They don’t get the adulation like the guys on stage.” 

Not that these guys are in it for the adulation. 

“It’s almost like we’ve become Pink Floyd scholars,” Lawrence said. “It’s been a beautiful experience to concentrate on it, to get inside the head of the players who organized the music. You are constantly in the learning and improvement pro- cess. But it’s annoying to anyone who doesn’t know what your passion is.” 

For long you live and high you fly, but only if you ride the tide. 

April 11th, 2015, 
The floyd appeared 
at the Auburn Performing Arts Center at the STATE THEATER 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA.

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

This show was a pre-sale sell out 3 days before the show!!

Mary Beth Cameron

‪ Exquisite production here in Auburn!! Loved every second of it - extreme attention to all the subtle Floyd details - consummate professionalism. I will be seeing you again this year - thank you & please come back for more shows!!!

Wendy Ahlstrom‪  
Amazing show.

Mark Berry‪  Outstanding show! Amazing musicians with talent overflowing. Laser and light show was breathtaking. We were pinching ourselves to have this in Auburn! Hope you come back next year for two shows!

Joy Day‪ 
What a fun and entertaining evening. The music was absolutely wonderful and the light show was an amazing surprise! And all in Auburn. Thank you, The Floyd! We hope you will return.

Rhonda Gerych‪ 
Well worth the trip from Reno! Well played is an understatement!!! What a great venue. Let's do it again sometime!

Nancy Lichtle‪ 
You were amazing in Auburn! Great venue, great show. Thank you!

Claire Buckley 
Last nights performance in Auburn was truly fabulous. A very memorable night for the State Theater. Great show. i highly recommend these guys.

Aaron Nightingale 
Super show in Auburn tonight. Lights, sound and talent on stage was a can't miss. Thank your for rocking Auburn. Y'all play great music together!!!!
Gerry Cohen 
Brought tears to my eyes...

March 28th, 2015
The Floyd performed at:

Cargo Concert Hall inside Whitney Peak

255 N. Virginia St. Reno, NV

This show sold out!!!  Standing room only!!!

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