Winner of 2017 Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe Female vocalist of the year.

A vocalist/guitar/bass player in the Reno/Tahoe area, I am a seasoned musician that has worked on recording projects and live performances in all genres.

When I received a call to audition for The Floyd, they were already establishing themselves as a premier tribute band.  My audition turned out to be one of the most challenging personal performances I’ve ever done.  After researching the song Clare Torry made so iconic, I realized that it was going to take every bit of my heart and attention to recreate her accomplishment.  There were many days that I just listened to Great Gig in the Sky.  Immersion was the only way to memorize each note/breath she emoted.  There are no lyrics to rhyme or memorize.  It is pure emotion.  And, so, I dedicated weeks to building the stamina and the strength it would take to perform the song.  Imagine laying on your stomach, singing and wailing to strengthen your diaphragm!  Everything I have ever learned went into this performance.  And it was worth every minute of the daily, weekly workout.

Great Gig in the Sky is my passion in The Floyd.  It is what brought me to this band.  The tears, the memories shared, and the impact it has on the fans is the ultimate reward.

My other duties have grown since my first performance with the band.  During the songs Brick 1&2 I have the honor of playing the bass.  What a rush!  You know those signature bass lines and I am right along with the audience rocking my head and stomping my feet when playing them.  I also play bass on the somber Wish You Were Here, and get lost in the words just like the you do when you are experiencing our shows.

I also share guitar responsibilities, acoustic and electric, on songs that include multiple tracks of guitars on the original Pink Floyd recordings.  Recently, we also added a drum to my stage plot!  It has become a part of the light show……

Ever expanding on our Pink Floyd knowledge, we are always adding new elements, or changing our set lists to include audience requested songs.  Please feel free to approach us after shows to share your experiences.  Don’t be shy!

It is a passion.  It is an art.  It is ALL our pleasure to perform these songs for you.

See you at the next show!

-Lisa McCuiston