Jeff is a saxophonist/composer/producer with a weird story.  He started early with sax but needed to learn other instruments because his OCD was too focused on saxophone. His strange youthful, perhaps unhealthy, obsession with music manifested itself over years as a pseudo-adult musician. As hunger and necessity increased he awkwardly imposed himself to his bandmates as a multi-instrumentalist. He has since roamed the Nevada musical circuit for decades with numerous acts, playing in damn near all of the bars, theaters, cabaret stages & showrooms-including a couple good ones. He also has been accused of writing and producing music and sound effects for corporate gaming interests. 

Rumored to be comfortable with the abuse of many styles of music, his involvement in The Floyd has brought about a welcome opportunity for Jeff to expose himself as an accordionist/vocalist in spite of his long forgotten formal musical training and sensibilities. He has improvisational jazz tendencies but has worked to overcome them with self-reflection and Curtis (the maniacal guitar player.) He cherishes and is humbled by his involvement with The Floyd project, and hopes his antics like this bio do not belay his deep respect and love for his bandmates.